ANS Analysis - the original!

Francis W. Brooks, D.O., FIAIME, FAPA, DAAPM, USA

I consider ANS Analysis the best software program available for measuring all relevant parameters of heart rate variability (HRV). The results are calculated in realtime on the iPad for immediate clinical decision making with graphic documentation of ANS function excellent for billing reimbursement. I purchased most of the commercial HRV biofeedback programs, but ANS Analysis is the most user-friendly and complete package and my #1 choice. Support service is excellent with continual software updates.

Dr. Joseph Reinfurt, Chiropractic Orthopedist USA

When you explained to an individual that you have a way to look inside her body and see how well  regulated they are, they take notice. ANS Analysis has been an invaluable tool. It enables me to show individuals whose lifestyles are not appropriate, provide therapeutic interventions and show whether or not they are helping. I believe we are barely scratching the surface on how valuable this tool is.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Greten, Germany's leading TCM-Expert

The diagnosis through Chinese medicine can be understood as a functional autonomic condition profile of the human being. Therefore, we use ANS Analysis for the follow-up monitoring of our therapy with acupuncture, herbs and exercises. This is convincing right from the start.


The subject matter of HRV being an indicator of the autonomic nervous system is for most physicians a complete new approach. In our clinic it led us to new approaches in regards to evaluation and therapy of chronic patients. We are using different systems with measurements up to 48 hours. However, the ANS Analysis is by far the easiest and most practical system. The practitioner receives an insight to the cause and therapy effectiveness in case of chronic and "unclear“ diseases. Therefore, the ANS Analysis system is a must-have for every modern practice for Biological Medicine.

Dr. med. Siddhartha Popat, General Practitioner

ANS Analysis is carried out in my patients for each screening examination. If anything conspicuous is found, my employee immediately performs a control under respiratory intervention. This allows me to detect disturbances in the stress resilience and the ability to regulate in my patients. In addition, it is an ideal tool to objectively prove the effectiveness of acupuncture and neural therapy on the autonomic nervous system, which leads to an increase in patient compliance.

Niels Schulz-Ruhtenberg, General Practitioner, Nutritional and Sports Medicine

In my practice, I need a fast and scientifically recognized diagnosis to assess the effects of stress on the body and the ability to regulate the organism/stress system. ANS Analysis provides me with valuable services and promotes patient compliance.

Dr. med. Adelheid Grünewald-Fritsch, General Practitioner, Naturopathy

I have been using this beneficial measurement often and very frequently for many years in my practice for the benefit of my patients, which is received with much enthusiasm.

Dr. med. Petra Wiechel, Chief Physician of the Paracelus Clinica al Ronc

ANS Analysis fulfils all scientific requirements for HRV diagnostics and yet it is so easy to handle. This is why it is used daily as an entry examination and for therapy monitoring.

Söhnke and Andrea Albat, Alternative Practitioner

Despite initial scepticism regarding the utilization of the device, we decided to use ANS Analysis. Now it is part of our initial diagnostics; we use it every day and it has become indispensable for our practice.

Dr. med. Naixin Wu, TCM Doctor and Dr. med. Wolfgang Pflederer, Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Our clinic uses ANS Analysis at every cardiological entry and control examination and reviews the therapeutic effect of QiGong and acupuncture. Operation is simple with an appealing software interface. The excellent service through immediate responses and rapid technical and interpretative help, which stands out clearly from many competitors, makes Commit GmbH a valuable partner in our daily clinical routine

Dr. med. Andreas Motzek, Urologist

The handling of ANS Analysis is very simple and can be easily delegated to the assistants. Despite the expired warranty, I immediately received a free heart rate recorder. I can describe the dedicated commitment of Mr Gorsolke, the goodwill and the speed of the shipment as exceptional, so I would definitely recommend Mr Gorsolke and Commit to other colleagues without hesitation.

Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff, Cardiologist

ANS Analysis using heart rate variability is an obvious method and is used as part of our comprehensive medical check-ups. The autonomic nervous system is generally always more or less involved in the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, but also in the general well-being. The new research area of neurocardiology focuses on the analysis of the autonomic nervous system using the fantastic diagnostic possibilities of the HRV.

Dr. med. Stephan Bortfeldt, General Practitioner

Since parameter reliability and scientific quality standards are just as important as the simple handling, we have decided to work only with ANS Analysis, even if we had other systems available. 

Dr Stephan Bortfeldt, general practitioner from Hanover, reports from his practice and explains the background of heart rate variability and its possible applications.

ANS Analysis Professional: this video demonstrates the handling and the functions of ANS Analysis.


Not every heart rate variability (HRV) is the same. Different requirements apply to science and practice, which must be taken into account when measuring the heart rate variability. In ECG, ANS Analysis measures exactly the recommended, practicable and practice-relevant HRV parameters and contains standard values and risk cut-off values from meta-analyses. To ensure that you as a user have the confidence that ANS Analysis produces valid and reliable values, ANS Analysis is regularly synchronized/calibrated with the Kubios HRV software generally used in science.