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ANS Analysis

ANS Analysis Professional is designed for use in a therapeutic practice. It encompasses the recommended and practice-relevant HRV and ANS parameters and meets all the scientific criteria that must be taken into account when measuring heart rate variability.

To ensure that you as a user have the utmost confidence that ANS Analysis delivers valid and reliable values, ANS Analysis is regularly synchronized with the scientific Kubios HRV software.

If you would like to learn more about ANS Analysis in your practice, we will gladly arrange a free and non-binding demonstration in your practice. We would also be pleased to provide you with detailed information via mail or email.

In the following video you can get a first impression of the operation and the functions of ANS Analysis.

Automatic Correction Function

The following video shows you the automatic correction function of ANS Analysis and the importance of the data quality.

The HRV is measured in ANS Analysis using a chest lead with an accuracy of 1 millisecond.

Technical artefacts and dysrhythmia are clearly distinguishable in the HRV recording.

We would like to thank the German Heart Centre in Munich, which carried out a comparison with the chest leads and ECG systems used by ANS Analysis.

ANS Analysis Professional

  • Software available in English, German, Italian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch
  • ECG-accurate measurement
  • scientific quality assurance and regular data reconciliation with Kubios HRV
  • validated standard values for adults between 20 and 80 years of age*
  • validated standard values for children aged 10 - 19 years*
  • age-dependent standard value adjustment
  • validated standard value adjustment for athletes
  • all recommended and practice-relevant HRV and ANS parameters are integrated
  • recording of a defined number of heartbeats (no defined time) to ensure comparability
  • immediate evaluation of the measurement
  • free updates, no maintenance contracts
  • permanently free phone support
  • direct emails to our support team for evaluation questions (anonymous)
  • small and handy device, Apple iPad, iPad pro and iPad Mini
  • automatic correction of incorrectly measured values (artefacts, dysrhythmia)
  • integrated cardiovagal biofeedback
  • unlimited number of patients/customers
  • unlimited number of measurements
  • comparison and progress display of up to 10 measurements
  • selection of the parameters to be included in the comparison (e.g. only the parasympathetic course)
  • diagnosis entries alphabetically and/or according to ICD10 (120 most frequently used ICD diagnoses)
  • therapy records for conventional medicine and naturopathy
  • automatic printout of the ANS Analysis via a Wifi printer
  • USB connection and storage of the ANS Analysis as PDF for the index card in the practice programme
  • email delivery of the ANS Analysis in patient display with explanatory text to patient
  • email to archive email address
  • anonymization of the data in emails can be set
  • data export for further evaluation (studies & scientific works) as .txt file (flat file), e.g. for Kubios HRV
  • automatic data backup outside the hardware possible with encryption
  • different views and filter options of the patients/measurements
  • fast and illustrative therapy monitoring & comparative measurements

*ANS Analysis is the only system on the market which contains exclusively validated study-based standard values. The validated standard values have hitherto been in the age range of 20 to 80 years. Through our strong connections to colleges and universities, we are proud to say that we were the first system to integrate validated study-based standardized values for children worldwide. The new standard values expand the ANS Analysis with the age range of 10 - 19 years and enables you to assess the autonomic nervous system of children and adolescents, to evaluate their stress resilience as well as their ability to regenerate themselves, and to prevent early on the stress cycle which leads to illnesses sooner or later.